As a result of recent regulatory changes regarding the handling Opening activities in the city of Madrid, the Statement is the general procedure to open, modify or make works in a new or existing activity.

The Statement is a document signed by an interested party in which it states, under its responsibility, to comply with the requirements established by current legislation to access the recognition of a right or power or pursue, you have the documentation and accredits and undertakes to maintain compliance during the period inherent in the recognition or exercise time.



In general the pursuit of activities shall be submitted to Responsible Declaration, in particular the activities reflected in art. 14 of OAAE:

  • Implementation, modification and exercise of activities falling within the scope of Law 2/2012, of June 12, Revitalisation of Commercial Activity in the Community of Madrid, with the execution of any works, including requiring technical project of building work in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.2 of Law 38/1999 of 5 November on building Ordinances or without works.
  • Implementation, modification and exercise of activities falling within the scope of Law 12/2012, of 26 December, on Urgent Measures for Trade Liberalisation and certain services not included in the previous point, and that incorporated in Annex I, with the execution of works that do not require technical project of building work in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.2 of Law 38/1999, of November 5.
  • Implementation, modification and exercise of public activities and entertainment shows, when they voluntarily choose the holder, in accordance with the provisions of the ninth additional provision of Law 17/1997, of July 4th, on Public Entertainment and Activities recreation of the Community of Madrid.
  • Implementation and modification and exercise of all activities not subject to licensing in accordance with the provisions of Article 25, with works that do not require technical project of building work in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.2 of the Law 38/1999 of 5 November.
  • The execution of works that do not require technical project of building work in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.2 of Law 38/1999, of November 5, in any economic activity license or declaration, provided they do not result in the amendments thereof in accordance with the provisions of Article 10.

Also in accordance with Annex I of the Ordinance, the following activities can be handled by responsible statement when precise works for this project do not require building work in accordance with the provisions of Law 38/1999, of November 5 , building management:

  • Warehouses for service distribution of goods and non-polluting or dangerous industries that are not included in Article 25.
  • Medical consultations not subject to environmental assessment activity in accordance with paragraph 23 of Annex III, without hospitalization and minor surgery and no treatment facilities or those indicated in Article 2.j) (radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine) diagnosis, opticians, pharmacies.
  • Gyms, sports facilities, swimming pools without stands.
  • Any kind of office.
  • Commercial and service activities that occupy the individual premises in the municipal markets managed under concession.
  • Extension of existing activities with other compatible with it, provided that the latter are within that can be handled by responsible declaration. Further activities included.
  • Transformation centers on private land.


They are excluded from the regime responsible statement:

  • The actions involving private use or occupation of public property, except the activities listed in paragraph 5 of Annex I.
  • Actions affecting property declared as Assets of Cultural Interest with individualized statement, property included individually in the inventory of Cultural Heritage of the Community of Madrid, as well as the properties listed within the level of maximum protection in planning urban applicable, except that the same already came developing any activity listed in paragraph 2, provided they do not affect the protected elements.
  • The works that require a building construction project, in accordance with Law 38/1999, of November 5, except in cases specified in the Law 2/2012, of June 12, Revitalisation of Commercial Activity the Community of Madrid.
  • The actions are subject to licensing.


  • The person concerned shall in the ECU SCI application duly completed Responsible Declaration, together with proof of payment of the price, and urban and technical documentation proving compliance and appropriateness of the actions in accordance with the indicated in the 16 and 17 the OAAE be possible electronically.
  • SCI will register the file on your computer system connected in real time with the computer services of the City of Madrid, officially recording this way the application form along with the accompanying documentation and filled out properly scanned.
  • The effects of the declaration of responsibility will occur since it has entry in the registry of the City of Madrid.
  • Within 10 days from registration of the application, SCI will perform formal verification of documentation and if it is among those that can be handled by this procedure.
  • If the check result is favorable certificate of conformity to be recorded in the city of Madrid with all documents accompanying the responsible statement will be issued.
  • If the check result is unfavorable, this fact shall inform the holder and the Town Hall.
  • Once SCI communicated to the start date of the activity, or , if applicable, the date of completion of the works, materially check the conformity of the performance with the applicable regulations. The visit shall take place according to public use area of activity within a maximum period of 3 or 6 months from the date communicated start of activity or completion of works.
  • The act of checking the corresponding inspection report, the result may be favorable or unfavorable conditioned rise. If it is in the process will be completed, and if unfavorable depending on the nature of the deficiencies may or may not continue skinning activity, if the report is conditioned because they identified deficiencies of non-essential character for which the applicant will have a maximum period of three months to correct them, or can reach the cessation of activity and the imposition of sanctions by the City of Madrid in the event that essential deficiencies are identified.
  • In the case of public and recreational activities shows, a physical check is carried out exclusively by municipal technical services.


  • Before the formal presentation of the Statement, the applicant may apply to SCI under the OAAE 17.3 and upon payment of the fee procedure, issuing a report to the regulations applicable adequacy of the proposed action. This report will not increase the cost of processing the Statement.
  • To do this, proceed SCI technical and formal review of the documentation, proceeding to tell the client where necessary the missing documentation as well as those ends that need to be modified to suit the application planning regulations.
  • SCI have a period of one month for issuing the report, during which he will perform the requirements necessary to remedy towards achieving the favorable report.
  • Once obtained this favorable report, the interested party will be asked to send the duly completed and signed responsible statement.
  • Upon receipt of the Statement, SCI proceed to registration with the City of Madrid with all the documentation, and to continue the general procedure of issuing the certificate of conformity and subsequently performing eye test material.


Upon request an estimate of the performance intended ECU SCI provides all the forms and documents that are necessary for complete discharge of the records.

However if you want to download them before you can do from the page of the City of Madrid.

You can also consult the regulations corresponding to the intended application performances this link.