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    Handling of Complaints and Appeals

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      Handling of Complaints and Appeals

      Complaint: Expression of dissatisfaction or notification of non-compliance, other than an appeal, submitted by an individual or organization to SCI, related to SCI activities, for which a response is expected.

      Appeal: a request by the supplier of the facility or item inspected to reconsider the decision made in relation to that facility or item, or related to the desired certification status. Or request submitted by an applicant, candidate or certified person, for reconsideration of any decision made by the certification body related to their desired certification status.


      Any person may file a complaint when he/she detects or is affected by inadequate care or non-compliance with the service.
      To make a complaint, please send an e-mail to, or send a letter by post to Management Systems Department, at the address Ctra. Ajalvir – Torrejón, km. 1.8. 28864 Ajalvir – Madrid.
      -All complaints related to the activities carried out by SCI, SA are reviewed. Only complaints received in writing can be considered for formal corrective action.
      -Complaints will be received by the Management Systems department, who will acknowledge receipt and open an investigation together with independent and competent personnel for the activity that motivated the complaint, gathering all the necessary information for its treatment.
      -During the investigation it will be determined whether or not the complaint has merit and should be addressed. This decision will be communicated to the claimant.
      -Corrective actions shall be implemented promptly and their effectiveness shall be verified. During this process the claimant will be notified of the progress and results.
      -Once the treatment has been completed, the claimant will be notified in writing of the conclusion of the process.
      -Both the identity of the complainant and the subject of the complaint will be treated confidentially, only the personnel involved in the treatment will have access to the data.


      -Any interested party may file an appeal against the decisions of SCI, SA.
      -Appeals must be submitted in writing to, along with all available and relevant documentation within three (3) months of SCI, SA’s decision.
      -The appeal, together with the documentation, will be distributed to the technical management of the department concerned.
      -Upon receipt of the appeal, the Technical Manager determines if he/she is directly involved in the activities being appealed and, if so, will designate an impartial and qualified person to handle the appeal. If the Technical Manager does not intervene directly, he/she will personally analyze all available documentation and consult with the departments involved. If it finds that the appeal has merit, it notifies the appellant and initiates corrective action. If you consider that the resource
      If the appeal is unfounded, it notifies the appellant in writing of the reasons why the appeal was deemed inadmissible.
      -Up to this point in the procedure, the appellant has no financial obligations for the processing of the appeal and can decide whether to proceed or withdraw.
      -If the appellant proceeds with the appeal, the Technical Manager will establish a qualified and independent appeals committee within 30 days.
      -The committee is composed of a minimum of three members representing the sector being appealed.
      -Once the documentation has been examined, the decision is normally taken during a single committee meeting, which is only postponed in exceptional cases.
      The costs of the appeal will be covered by:

      • 1) SCI, SA, if appeal upheld
      • 2) The appellant if the appeal is rejected.

      The decision must be notified in writing to the appellant by the chairperson of the appeal committee within 90 days from the date of confirmation of the appeal. This decision is final.

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