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    The Urban Development License procedure is reserved for those actions in which their potential impact on the environment, safety or public health justifies this means of intervention as the most proportional and in particular the activities reflected in art. 25 of the OAAE.


    • Activities of public shows and recreational activities, when voluntarily chosen by the owner, in accordance with the ninth additional provision of Law 17/1997, of July 4, 1997.
    • Activities subject to legally established environmental control procedures.
    • Activities whose occupants are unable or have difficulty evacuating autonomously in case of fire and require supplementary assistance or measures, such as inpatient health care facilities, nursing homes for the elderly or disabled, special education centers, children’s centers, children’s recreation and leisure centers, and day care centers for the elderly.
    • Hotel establishments.
    • Licenses of a provisional nature.
    • Storage, manufacturing and research activities of products that, due to their potential hazardousness, are subject to specific regulations, such as hazardous chemicals, petroleum products, explosives, nuclear, pharmaceutical, phytosanitary, pesticides and insecticides.
    • Industrial activities of manufacturing or processing and treatment of food products for off-premises consumption such as slaughterhouses, cutting plants, manufacture of food products, preparation of meals for distribution to catering establishments or trade of prepared dishes and catering.
    • Industrial or storage activities with a medium or high intrinsic risk level only in cases where they occupy premises of buildings of a use other than industrial.


    • The interested party shall submit to the ECU SCI the standardized application for the action, together with proof of payment of the price and the town planning and technical documentation that proves the compliance and suitability of the action in accordance with the provisions of the Annex II of the OAAE, if possible in telematic form.

    • SCI will ALTER the file in its computer system connected in real time with the IT services of the City Council, thus officially registering the request.
    • SCI will proceed to review the documentation provided and, if necessary, will indicate to the client the missing documentation as well as those aspects that need to be modified in order to adapt the proposed action to the applicable urban planning regulations. For this purpose, SCI can only make a single documentary request and another request for technical corrections, each of which must be answered by the interested party within a maximum period of 10 working days.
    • The maximum term available to SCI for the issuance of the Certificate of Conformity (CC) of the intended action is 1 month from the registration of the application, within which the days used by the interested party to correct any possible documentary or technical deficiencies do not count.
    • In the event that the action requires the incorporation of mandatory reports in accordance with the 32 of the OAAE, SCI shall request them directly and simultaneously to the issuing bodies in the If the request for reports is received within 5 days after the documentation is complete, the deadline for issuance of the certificate of conformity will be suspended.
    • Once all the documentation has been reviewed with a favorable result, the obligatory tax self-assessment forms will be generated: ICIO and fees for the occupation of public roads (fences, scaffolding and containers), which will be sent to the interested party for payment.
    • Once the payment receipts have been received, the file and all the documentation provided will be submitted, sending said documentation through the computer system to the Madrid City Council, and the Certificate of Conformity will be issued and registered, which will finally be sent to the interested party, duly stamped by the Madrid City Council.
    • The certificate of favorable conformity will have effects comparable to the municipal technical report, and will be sufficient for the granting of the license.
    • In cases where SCI issues a non-conformity report, the ratification or rectification of the same by the municipal technical services will be required.
    • The maximum term to decide on the granting or denial of the license by the Madrid City Council will be one month.


    The works and activities subject to the Urban Development License are subject to the first occupancy and operation license.

    The license of first occupation and operation The purpose of the license is to certify that the activities and works required for their implementation, modification or change, have been carried out in accordance with the project and conditions under which the license was granted, or with the variations that do not imply modification of the license, and that they are duly completed and suitable according to the urban, environmental and safety determinations of their specific destination.

    The granting of the first occupancy and operation license will be in accordance with the provisions of art. 39 of the OAAE.

    Likewise SCI is competent to process licenses for first occupancy and operation of activities whose construction or use license has been granted prior to the date of the The OGLUA comes into force, but in those cases in which the file has been terminated due to withdrawal, waiver, expiration or unfavorable resolution in accordance with the provisions of the OGLUA. Ninth Additional Provision of the OAAE.

    It must be taken into account that the final inspection of the activities subject to the legal regime of the LEPAR will be carried out exclusively by the Municipal Services within a maximum period of one month from the communication of the completion of the works.


    At the time of requesting a quotation for the intended action, the ECU SCI provides all the forms and documents that are necessary to complete the registration of the files.

    However, if you wish to download them beforehand, you can do so from the Madrid City Council website.

    • General Instance
    • Request for occupation of public roads (sacks, containers, fences, etc.)
    • Request for Urban Planning Consultations
    • Urban Development License Application
    • Activity Data Sheet
    • Tax on Construction, Installations and Works (ICIO)

    You may also consult the applicable regulations corresponding to the intended actions in this link.

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