Urban Planning Permit

There are certain activities or works performed that are subject to a prior permit and which cannot be processed as part of the Statement of Compliance. They are, in summary:


  • Certain activities relating to the performance of work which requires a technical project for construction work (art. 2.2 of the LOE)

  • Activities located in buildings which are Listed as being Level 1 Protected.

  • Activities whose occupants require aid to evacuate independently in the event of an emergency.



  • Hotels.
  • Permits of a provisional nature.

  • Storage with medium to high levels of risk.
  • Garages and non-community car parks.

  • Radioactive facilities.


  • The applicant will present at the ECU SCI the standardized application, along with proof of payment of the price and the urban and technical documentation proving the compliance and adecuation of the actions in accordance witt the Annex II of the OAAE, if possible, telematically.
  • SCI will register the file on its computer system connected in real time with the computer services of the City Council, officialy registering the application.
  • SCI will review the documents submitted proceeding, if necessary, to indicate the client the missing documentation as well as those aspects that need to be modified to adapt the action proposed to the urban regulations. In this situation, SCI can only perform a single documentary requirement, and another one about technical rectifications, each of which must be answered by the applicant within a maximum period of 10 business days.
  • The maximum period available to SCI for issuing the Certificate of Compliance (CC) of the proposed action is 1 month from the registration of the application, within which do not count the days used by the applicant to correct any documentary or technique deficiencies.
  • In case that the application requrired the incorporation of preceptives reports according to the 32 of the OAAE, SCI will request them directly and simultaneously to the issuing bodies within a maximum period of 5 days since the documentation is complete, the reports application will suspend the deadline for issuance of the certificate of conformity.
  • Once all the documentation is revieweb with favourable results, reverse charge of mandatory taxes forms will be generated: ICIO and fees for the occupation of public roads (fences, scaffolds and containers) wich will be sent to the applicant for them payment.
  • Once received proof of payment, the following steps will be to submit the file and all the documentation, sending them by computerized system to the Madrid City Council, and to issue and register the Certificate of Comformity which will finally be forwarded to the applicant, duty completed by the Madrid City Councll.
  • The favourable certificate of conformity will have comparable effects to to the civic technical report, and will be enough for granting the license.
  • In cases of issuance by SCI of a non-conformity report, the ratification or rectification thereof by the municipal technical services shall not be necessary.
  • The deadline for a decision on granting or denial of the license by the Madrid City Council is one month.


Works and activities subject to urban planning permission are subject to license of first occupation and operating license.

The first occupation and opearting license aims to prove that the activities and the works that are necessary for its implementation, modification or change, have been executed in accordance with the project and the conditions under which the license was granted or with the variations which do not involve the modification of the license, and are duly completed and suitable according to urban, environmental and safety determinations of its specific destination.

The granting of the first occupation and operating license shall be in accordance with the stipulations in art. 39 of OAAE.

Moreover, SCI is competent to deal with the first occupation and operating of activities whose building or for use license has been granted prior to the entry into force of the OGLUA but in which the file is terminated by withdrawal, resignation, expiration or unfavorable resolution in accordance with that indicated in Ninth Additional Provision of the OAAE.

It has to be taken into consideration that the final inspection of activities subject to the legal regime of the LEPAR will be carried out exclusively by municipal services within a maximum period of one month after the notice of the works completion.


Upon request of the action plan budget, ECU SCI will provide all the forms and documents that are necessary to complete the file register.

However, if you want to download them before, you can do it directly on the Madrid City Council website.

You may also consult the Implementing Regulation corresponding to the intended actions following this link.