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    At SCI, as a company dedicated to control and inspection services, we care about Energy Efficiency to the maximum. In our company we take care to carry out all activities with the maximum commitment in this regard.

    SCI’s commitment to achieve a high level of protection is to ensure the respect, protection and conservation of the environment in our work, whether in our facilities or in the facilities or works of our customers. And that means being well aware of Energy Efficiency.

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    Energy Efficiency means consuming less energy, but not just for the sake of it; it is about reducing in a sensible and intelligent way. The ultimate goal of Energy Efficiency is to produce as much as possible using as little energy as possible.

    It is a practice that goes against waste, bad habits and any irresponsible use of a good that is increasingly important to take care of from an economic point of view, but also from a social and environmental point of view.



    Royal Decree 1890/2008 of November 14, 2008 regulated the way in which Energy Efficiency in outdoor lighting installations had to operate under the law.

    These inspections are of two types:

    Initial inspections
    To those places whose outdoor lighting installed in luminaires and auxiliary equipment have more than 5 kW.

    Periodic Energy Efficiency Inspections
    Those that need the initial, have to undergo periodic installations every 5 years. These will be carried out in conjunction with those prescribed for LV installations according to the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations.



    Who must comply?

    All buildings or parts of buildings for Non-Industrial use in the national territory that meet the following requirements:

    • a) Newly constructed buildings.
    • b) Existing buildings or parts of buildings that are sold or leased to a new tenant.
    • c) Buildings or Premises occupied by the Administration with more than 250 m2.
    • d) Buildings or parts of buildings in which thermal installations are renovated, 25% or more of the envelope is renovated or extensions of more than 10% of the surface area are carried out.
    • e) Privately owned buildings or premises with more than 500 m2 in use:
      • Administrative.
      • Sanitary.
      • Commercial: Stores, supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls and similar.
      • Public Residential: Hotels, hostels, residences, pensions, apartments and similar.
      • Teacher.
      • Cultural: Theaters, cinemas, museums, auditoriums, congress centers, exhibitions, libraries and similar.
      • Recreational Activities: Casinos, recreational halls, night clubs, discotheques and the like.
      • Catering: Bars, restaurants, cafeterias and similar.
      • Transportation of people: Stations, airports and similar.
      • Sports: gymnasiums, sports centers and similar.
      • Places of worship, religious use and similar.
    • To carry out the Energy Efficiency Certificate by a competent technician.
    • Registration of the Energy Label in the Autonomous Community.
    Deadline for submission

    The Energy Efficiency Certificate must be registered in the Autonomous Community 12 months after the publication of Royal Decree 390/2021 of June 1, 2021.

    Process for obtaining the Energy Label

    Companies obtain the energy label from the following steps:

    Performance of the work:

    All buildings or parts of buildings for Non-Industrial use in the national territory that meet the following requirements:
    Gathering of information prior to visits.

    • Basic data of each building: surfaces and facilities.
    • Basic plans.

    2.Plan of visit of the buildings:

    • Description of envelope, walls and windows.
    • Energy inventory: Lighting, climate, equipment.
    • Detection of improvements.

    3.Energy Label for Buildings:

    • Building simulation with CE3X or similar recognized software.
    • Issuance of Certificate, Energy Label and attached documentation.
    • Detection of improvements.
    • Processing and registration of the Certificate in the Autonomous Community.
    Validity of the procedure and renewal:

    Letter A to F: Validity 10 years.
    Letter G: Valid for 5 years.

    • Cadastral reference.
    • Plans.
    • Surfaces.
    • Facades and openings.
    • Lighting and air conditioning.
    • One-time measures.
    • CE3x or similar software.
    • Plans.
    • Improvements and energy savings.
    • Issuance of energy certificate and report.
    • Processing of Energy Label.
    • Registration and payment of fees.
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