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Review of production procedures and inspection point plans

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    Inspection Plans and Inspection Points

    The review of manufacturing procedures and Inspection Point Plans is the beginning of our integral service which ends with the legalization of the equipment installed in the plant.


    At SCI we have qualified personnel for the review of manufacturing procedures.

    Manufacturing procedures are understood to be all those necessary documents generated by the manufacturer to verify the quality of the equipment being manufactured in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of each Project.

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    The Manufacturing Processes are distinguished mainly in the following fields:

    Magnetic Particles

    Penetrating Liquids.


    Ultrasound (manual, Phased Array or TOFD).

    Verification of brand traceability.

    Hydraulic tests.

    Pneumatic tests.

    Leak Tests with both Helium and Air.

    Functional tests

    Performance tests.

    Painting procedure.


    Another of our services we provide is the analysis of the content of the Inspection Point Plans issued by the manufacturer.

    Inspection Point Plans(IPP) are used to monitor and verify compliance with the inspection and testing quality requirements of the design code and project requirements.

    The purpose of issuing Inspection Point Plans is to verify that these Inspection Point Plans comply with design code, Applicable Project Requirements and Client and/or Licensor Specifications.

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