Notified Body (No. 1348)

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    Notified Body

    The CE marking indicates that the products comply with all relevant standards and legal requirements in the European Union, specifically with the Product Safety Directives. These directives apply to all products intended for or marketed in the EU.
    The CE marking and the EU Declaration of Conformity issued by the manufacturer ensure the free circulation of products within the European market.

    The manufacturer, or his authorized representative established in the European Union, must certify, by his own means or through an authorized representative, that Notified Body, where applicable, that its products comply with the essential safety requirements defined in the different European Directives, according to the conformity assessment procedures specified therein.

    SCI Control & Inspection is a Notified Body accredited to certify compliance with the essential safety requirements of the following European Directives
    • Pressure equipment. Directive 2014/68/EU Notification No. 1348.
    • Non-automatic weighing instruments. Directive 2014/31/EU Notification No. 16-ON-1002.