In SCI,as a company dedicated to the services of control and inspection, we set a premium on Energy  Efficiency. All our activities are carried out with maximum commitment in this respect.

As SCI’s commitment is to ensure the highest standards of protection, conservation and respect for the working environment  whether in our own facilities or in those of our customers – and particularly in regard to Energy Efficiency.

eficiencia energetica


Energy Efficiency means using less energy but not for the sheer sake of it, but trying  to reduce its use in a sensible and practical way. The ultimate goal of Energy Efficiency is to produce maximum benefits while using the least amount of energy.

It is a practice that goes against the waste, bad habits and all that irresponsible use of an asset that is becoming increasingly important to manage not only from an economic but also a social and environmental viewpoint.


Through Royal Decree 1890/2008 of November 14 the way it had to function under the Energy Efficiency Act in outdoor lighting installations it is regulated.

These inspections are of two types:

Initial inspections

Those places whose exterior lighting installed in lighting units and auxiliary equipment with more than 5 kW.

Periodic inspections of Energy Efficiency

After the initial inspection there has to be inspection of facilities every 5 years. These will be made jointly with those prescribed for LV installations with reference to  Regulation for Low Voltage.

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