As an Entity Type A certified compliance Inspectorate, SCI is accredited for Standard, Royal Decree or regulation inspections of equipment and facilities.

It is currently authorized to carry out inspections in the following areas:

1. Periodic inspection of the installation and verification of high pressure cylinders for the storage of compressed natural gas (CNG) used as fuel for vehicles (UNE 26525: 2007/ 1M: 2009 1st Amendment.).

SCI was the first company to be accredited for inspection of CNG-powered vehicles. We therefore have extensive experience in the inspection of very different types of vehicles (buses, trucksfor MSW collection, vans, taxis and private cars) throughout Spain.

Inspection of the  installations of a CNG vehicle should be carried out at least every 4  years (consult the manufacturer’s instructions in that respect) as well as when an accident occurs  or there is modification to the  installation.

2. Inspection of pipes transporting and distributing gaseous fuels (Order of November 18, 1974 to over 16 -transport- and ITC IGC01 bar pressures  RD 919/2006 for -distribution- below 16 bar pressure).

3. Inspection of machines and work equipment (Annex I of RD 1215/97, as amended by the RD 2177/2004).

In these inspections, SCI certifies compliance with the minimum safety so that no hazardous situations occur in daily use of the machine.

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