The EC Certificate of Conformity is a flag that indicates that the product bearing it complies with the Product Safety Directives of the European Union. The EU directives apply to all products intended to be marketed in the European Union.

The CE Marking Department of SCI is fully conversant with what is required of pressure equipment to achieve the Certificate of Conformity.

The manufacture of pressure equipment, tanks, boilers, pressurized systems and the installation processes when marketed  in the European Union must comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Depending on its category, equipment must be certified by a recognised body to ensure that the essential safety requirements are met and procedures appropriate to the conformity assessment are followed.

SCI is a certified agent for the implementation of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU).

Our inspection staff can provide information on all your requirements in the following areas:

Our inspection staff can provide information on everything you need to:


  • Approval of Material.
  • Evaluation Design.
  • Type Evaluation.
  • Type Approval.
  • Inspection, testing and product certification.
  • Approval of personnel and procedures.
  • Inspections and audits.

SCI has an international network of qualified inspectors and can offer the service of CE Marking of pressure equipment at international level for modules: A1, B, B1, C1, F and G and approval of materials, welding procedures and welders.


  • Review of calculation and design team.
  • Review of welding procedures, welders and material certificates.
  • Evaluation and Risk Analysis.
  • Inspections during construction
  • On site hydrostatic testing and certification.
  • Verifying security elements.
  • Procedures and qualifications for welding to international standards, including ASME, ISO15614 and DIN 8560.
  • Inspectors and field coordinators.
  • API approved  Inspectors.
  • European and international welding engineers.

SCI Acreditations

  • Authorised Body for Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU).
  • Recognised Third Party Company for Welding.
  • Accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 and 17025.

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