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Vehicle and machinery inspection (CNG, MEWP, R.D. 1215/97)

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    SCI, as a Type A Inspection Entity, certifies the compliance -to Standard, Royal Decree or Regulation- of equipment and installations included in the scope of its Accreditation.

    It is currently authorized to carry out inspections in the following areas:

    Periodic inspection of the installation and verification of high pressure cylinders for the storage of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) used as fuel in vehicles (UNE 26525:2007/1M:2009. 1st Amendment).

    SCI was the first entity to be accredited for the inspection of CNG vehicles. Therefore, we have extensive experience in the inspection of vehicles of very different types (city buses, SUW collection trucks, vans, cabs and private cars) throughout the national territory.

    The inspection of the vehicle’s CNG installation must be carried out every 48 months at the latest -consult the manufacturer’s instructions in this respect-, as well as when an accident or modification of the installation occurs.


    2.- Inspection of mobile elevating platforms for people (UNE 58921/2017 Standard).

    The use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, MEWPs, is becoming more and more frequent as they have become an essential element for working at heights in different areas, whether for assembly, repair, inspection, among others.

    The mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)In addition to complying with the safety requirements of RD 1215/1997 as work equipment, in order to guarantee safe use, they should be inspected according to the points included in the UNE 58.921:2002 standard “Instructions for the installation, operation, maintenance, revisions and inspections of mobile elevating platforms for personnel”. (PEMP)“.

    Since there is no specific regulation for this type of machines, on the conditions of installation, handling, maintenance, etc., that develop the principles required in the aforementioned regulation, it is considered that compliance with the UNE-58921:2017 standard constitutes a way of complying with the aforementioned legal requirements.

    This is reflected in the recommendation on PEMP of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, dated 2019.

    SCI, S.A. as a Type A Inspection Entity is accredited and certifies compliance with the UNE 58921/2017 Standard.

    Inspection of gas fuel transport and distribution pipelines (Order of November 18, 1974 for pressures higher than 16 bar -transport- and ITC IGC01 of R.D. 919/2006 for pressures lower than 16 bar -distribution-).

    Inspection of machines as work equipment (Annex I of R.D. 1215/97, modified by R.D. 2177/2004).

    Work equipment and in particular machines, are an important source of risk and therefore compliance with the minimum safety provisions, so that no hazardous situations occur in the daily use of the machine is of great importance, for this SCI focuses especially on this aspect through the inspection of compliance with the R.D. 1215/97 on safety in work equipment.

    For machines manufactured prior to 1995: It is mandatory to comply with R.D. 1215/97.

    For machines manufactured after 1995: CE marking is required for marketing in the EU.

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