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    Owners of non-automatic weighing instruments must request their periodic verification every 2 years after they are put into service.
    Metrological verification verifies that the weighing instrument maintains the measurement characteristics applicable to it and prohibits its use if it does not pass this control phase.

    Documentation required for periodic verification:

    Request for verification.

    If the instrument is repaired, modified or has broken seals, a metrological verification must also be carried out after repair prior to putting the instrument into service.

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    Law 32/2014
    R.D.244/2016Non-automatic weighing instruments.2YEARS
    Order ITC/155/2020
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    In order to carry out the verification, the instrument must meet the following administrative requirements:

    Declaration of conformity (CE marking of the instrument).

    Certificate of model approval.

    Nameplate in accordance with UNE-EN 45501 and R.D. 244/2016.

    Check that the seals are intact and bear the mark of the authorized verifying agency or repairer.