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    There are other tests for which SCI is qualified by technology, means and personnel.
    Among them we highlight the following:


    Using specific equipment, at SCI we are able to measure the thickness of coatings applied to materials (regardless of whether they are ferrous or non-ferrous).



    Thermography is used to determine the temperature of a certain object with the peculiarity that it is not necessary for the equipment to be in direct contact with the machine, thus maintaining its operation.

    Thermography can be used for a wide variety of purposes: locating leaks, insulation losses, faulty electrical contacts, etc.

    In most of its branches, SCI has bunkers for radiography. There is also the possibility of installing modular bunkers at the customer’s facilities.

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    The materials, according to their composition, show a characteristic fluorescence when an X-ray beam is incident on them. SCI has portable equipment to determine the chemical composition of a material quickly and without the need for special surface preparations.

    5.DIRECT OR INDIRECT VISUAL INSPECTION (Boroscopy, Videoendoscopy)

    Visual Inspection by means of Boroscopy or Videoendoscopy is used to visualize those places where the human eye cannot reach. To achieve this, at SCI we have equipment called Borescopes and Videoendoscopes.

    The borescope has a thin, elongated, rod-like shape. For examination purposes, it is equipped with several lenses that are part of a telescopic system. This equipment is ideal for visual inspection of the interior of tubular components.

    The Videoendoscope has a flexible cable with a camera at its tip. This cable of different lengths can be inserted into components so that they can be visually examined from the inside, while recording the images at the same time.

    These inspection techniques are used to analyze components without the need to subject them to a disassembly process, and the systems also allow the images obtained to be recorded, so that they can be consulted at a later date.

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