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    During the production process, industries are exposed to a particularly important problem: the metal surfaces of pipes, boilers and tanks are subject to corrosion. Corrosion is a process that deteriorates the material, reduces the original thickness of the metal and can cause leakage or loss of material or fluid.

    Corrosion is often not detectable by visual inspection, as it would require cutting or disassembly of the pipe, boiler or tank. If left to act over time without detection it will weaken surfaces and possibly cause serious structural failure. Both safety and economic considerations require that metal structures be inspected regularly.

    Ultrasound is a non-destructive method that we perform in SCI, Control & Inspection widely effective to perform this inspection. Ultrasonic testing is performed using Pulse Echo or Phased Array recording techniques.

    corrosion ultrasonidos

    Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection Applications

    The applications of Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection using Pulse Echo or Phased Array recording techniques are:

    Storage tanks or reservoirs:
    (using magnetic crawler)

    • Systematic inspection of the generatrices in the tank’s surrounding ferrules.
    • x-y” mapping of areas with corrosion or pitting.
    • Tank bottoms.

    (using automatic magnetic scanner or manual application)

    • Systematic inspection of water pipes (2″ ÷ 4″) for corrosion or pitting.

    (using crawler, magnetic scanner or manual application)

    • Generalized inspection of line piping.
    • x-y” mapping of areas with corrosion or pitting.
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