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    Inspection of in-service wind tower welds

    SCI, Control & Inspection
    has developed an equipment capable of detecting defects in the welds of wind towers through the use of ultrasonic equipment that can be recorded on a magnetic trolley.

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    Alurings inspection

    SCI SA
    inspects by means of different techniques the aluminum transition rings between the hub and the wind blade. Radiography and recordable ultrasound equipment can detect cracks that have occurred during the life of the equipment.

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    Inspection and testing of wind turbine frame welds

    SCI SA performs various non-destructive testing techniques (visual inspection, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids, ultrasound, etc) to detect possible defects in the welds of the frame produced by the fatigue and vibrations to which it is subjected. The purpose of these tests is to check for faults and to increase the service life of the machine.

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    Regulatory inspection of electrical installations

    SCI SA is an Authorized Control Body for Low and High Voltage Electrical Installations and performs regulatory inspections of power lines and wind farm transformer stations throughout Spain.

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    Testing and supervision of tower structural elements

    SCI SA performs non-destructive testing for the detection of defects in the structural elements of the tower: welds, stairs, door, reinforcements, etc.

    It also monitors and controls the condition of the tower bolts by ultrasonic inspection and torque check.

    Inspection and testing of wind turbine mechanical components

    By means of non-destructive testing inspection, SCI detects possible defects in the mechanical elements of the wind turbine:

    • Visual inspection by video endoscope of components and gears of the wind turbine gearbox.
    • Ultrasonic inspection of shafts and bearings
    • Radiographic or ultrasonic inspection of gearbox supports.

    Failure analysis on wind turbine components

    SCI SA performs failure analysis on wind turbine components and analyzes components after accidents.

    Through the experience acquired in its Metallurgical Laboratory and Non Destructive Testing departments, it provides its customers with solutions to determine the causes of failure of wind turbine components (shafts, bearings, welds, etc.).

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