Quality control at worldwide manufacturing locations

SCI Control & Inspección is a Spanish Company dedicated to statutory and industrial inspection, quality control and nondestructive testing, with more than 30 years working in these sectors.

Quality control at worldwide manufacturing locations

SCI Control & Inspection carries out daily inspection and quality control visits to manufacturers and suppliers located all over the world.

Third Party Inspection and Expediting in manufacturing plants worldwide.

  • Third Party Source Inspection & Expediting

Visits established voluntarily by the client in order to verify products prior to their shipment to a worksite in another part of the world.

  • Audits of manufacturing plants, including review of procedures and manufacturing processes
  • Review of Inspection and Test Plans

Third Party Source Inspection:

  • Support and assistance during KOM / PIM
  • Continuous surveillance during manufacturing
  • Supervision of testing
  • Final inspection
  • Documental review
  • Loading in container or ship


Verification of the status of the order

  • Engineering and documentation status.
  • Sub-orders status and material reception
  • Manufacturing status and tentative testing dates.

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